St.Petersburg’s Historical Exploratory Society

Collective of St.Petersburg’s Historical Exploratory Society. 2002.

St. Petersburg's Historical Exploratory Society (St.P HES) has been registered at Justice Department of the mayor's office in St. Petersburg on April 1st 1993 (Reg. #1349) and is the first officially registered treasure hunter's club in Russia.

The aim of creation and activity of the Society are the exploration and rescue from destruction of the items which possess historical, cultural, art or high material value.

The objectives of the Society are:
- To give assistance to scientific exploration activity within the frames of the aims stipulated in Society's Memorandum of Association;
- To search for items which possess historical, cultural, art or high material value;
- To provide museums, scientific organisations, educational institutions and public organisations with consulting services, material or other help.

In order to reach those aims and objectives the Society:
- Organises expeditions independently or in co-operation with other interested parties;
- Carries out independent people's expertise of the objects, territories and water areas; carries out lectures and set up exhibitions;
- To stimulate and promote international tourism;
- Provides members of the Society with consulting and informative services;

(Extract from Memorandum of Association of St.P HES)

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