Chronology of our expeditions in images

20 November, 1999. First joint expedition with our colleagues.
28 November, 1999. Results of our next joint expedition.
06 December, 1999. Inspection of one of fields. New searches and finds.
12 December, 1999. There. A find long-awaited treasures !
13 December, 1999. There. The rests of former luxury.
15 January, 2000. Field tests of new metal detector Minelab Sovereign XS-2.
30 January, 2000. Opening of a new season. Digging of German dugout.
22-23 April, 2000. Find two interesting hoards within two days.
15 July, 2000 Digging on a place of former Finnish railway station destroyed during the Russian-Finnish War 1939-1940 on the Karelian isthmus.
The continuation follows...

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