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If you are really interested in Treasure Hunting and would like to go on a detecting trip to Russia please take your time and participate in the following survey. This will enable us to create company and services that will hopefully meet you best expectations. Estimated survey elapse time is April 2001.

Preferred time?

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Yours interest?

WW2 Old Russian Viking

Would you wish to bring non-detecting companions with you?

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If yes, how many?

Would you wish to come on an individual trip?

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Would you wish to be put into contact with other members of your group before the trip?

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Would you be interested in organising club/group trip?
(maybe offer a discount for such organised club groups)

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Where to stay?

Close to MD site In the City

Accommodation preferred:

If other:

Maximum that you are prepared to pay for accommodation:
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What would be your preferred method of payment?

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Maximum duration of trip (days):


Number in MD group for the guided tour:


Food. Any special requirements:

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